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[audio]Intermediate Gratification - Knot They're
In 2006, desperately diluted thought-thinker, knot they're, completed writing an album of sad bastard acoustic guitar songs regarding the topics of love, loss, the loss of love, the love of loss and loneliness. the intent was to record and compile these songs in a concept piece titled "simple man with a complex". due to complications with technology and obsessive, knit-picky dissatisfaction with performances, this album remains unfinished to this day...
Keywords: Intermediate Gratification Knot They're Gotohawaii dreamgoatz
Downloads: 30
[audio]Believe You Can Work and Be Happy - An Interview with Julie Jansen - ChuckScott.com
Chuck Scott interviews Julie Jansen, author of "I Don't Know What I Want, But I Know It's Not This", and cover topics such as how to find gratifying work, how it is important to believe you can work and be happy, and how you don't have to get everything from your work but if you get a lot that makes a huge difference in your life and with those who love you. This plus more - enjoy!
Keywords: dream jobs, work gratification, happy workplace
Downloads: 20
[audio]Passing Values (Part 10): Delayed Gratification - Don Campbell
Don completes his series of the timeless values that need to passed on to the next generation by talking about being able to wait for you want.
Keywords: Sermon; Bible; Value; Values; Passing Values; Delayed Gratification; Patience
Downloads: 7
[audio]"Catch the Flame: Eduring Witness" - Rev. Vicki Hughes
Hebrews 11:29-12:2 In a culture of both church and society which emphasizes feeling, freedom, immediate gratification, and self-expression, have we deleted endurance from our list of virtues? These portraits of faith from Hebrews include tragedy as well as triumph, failure as well as success. Both experiences are familiar to us and both are descriptions of the life of trust in God. We are called to draw strength from the enduring witness of these pilgrims in the faith as well as confidence from ...
Keywords: immediate gratification; self=expression; witness of pilgrims; church & society
Downloads: 2
[audio]Fake Food - Chris Buttery
The puppy replaced doggy dinners with dirt. Do we find ourselves doing the same thing with Godâs word?
Keywords: effort; end times; gratification; hunger; money; neglect; satisfaction; value
Downloads: 14
[audio]At Least You're Trying-40- Neither of Us is One Size - Jody & Matt
After discussing the listeners' responses to the Inertia topic from e39, Matt tries to recruit for a scientific study of belly-button lint (BBL). Then it's on to the topic lightening round, which Jody wins.
Keywords: BBL; Inertia; gratification; failure; plans; trust; future; podcast
Downloads: 39
[audio]Be Different 20101024 - Beng
Sermon by Beng @ CBC SS
Keywords: different man; different walk; different evidences; sin-tainted body; sin-tainted conscience; mind; sin gratification; God gratification; learn Christ; Ephesians 4:17-32
Downloads: 9
[texts]Be Different - Beng
Sermon by Beng @ CBC SS
Keywords: different man; different walk; different evidences; sin-tainted body; sin-tainted conscience; mind; sin gratification; God gratification; learn Christ; Ephesians 4:17-32
Downloads: 61
[audio]10/16/11 Genesis 25:27–34 - Michael Herrington
Christ Community Church Andrews, NC
Keywords: EFCA; Christ Community Church; Andrews NC; Michael Herrington; Instant Gratification; Favor
Downloads: 19
[audio]SoundShop1995 - Rob House
I think "slappy" is what you asked about. Listed here as Macaw Marinade -- you named it.
Keywords: awesome; good clean fun; lounge act; porta one; stratocaster; self gratification; self abuse
Downloads: 162 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]ANCJ Special 1 - Joe Tedd
The all night cart jam by Joe Tedd on 93.3 Central FM
Keywords: Joe Tedd; All Night Cart Jam; New York; Malta; Central FM; Music; 93.3; Aural Gratification
Downloads: 95
[audio]ANCJ Special 21 - Joe Tedd
The all night cart jam by Joe Tedd on 93.3 Central FM
Keywords: Joe Tedd; All Night Cart Jam; New York; Malta; Central FM; Music; 93.3; Aural Gratification
Downloads: 44
[texts]ERIC ED368502: Children's Delay of Gratification and Preschool Performance. - ERIC
This study investigated the relationship between delay of gratification and preschool performance in 20 students aged 4 and 5 years old, and enrolled in a Head Start program. Gratification delay was measured through an experiment that allowed the students to choose between a smaller immediate reward or a larger delayed reward. Preschool performance was measured through classroom observations and teacher ratings...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Academic Achievement; Age Differences; Delay of Gratification; Preschool Children; Preschool Education; Sex Differences; Student Behavior; Teacher Attitudes
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED315154: Parental Intelligence Related to Delay of Gratification and Behavior Problems in Three-Year-Old Sons of Alcoholics. - ERIC
This study presents data from a study of effects of fathers' alcohol dependence on family functioning and child development. Alcoholic families were recruited from the population of males who had been convicted for driving while impaired or driving under the influence of alcohol, who lived in an intact family, and who had a biological son between 3 and 6 years of age. Of particular interest was the interrelationship among parental cognitive and neuropsychological functioning, perceived problems ...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Alcohol Abuse; Behavior Problems; Delay of Gratification; Fathers; Intelligence; Longitudinal Studies; Mothers; Parent Influence; Sex Differences; Young Children
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED378478: The Importance of Human Needs during Retrospective Peacetime and the Persian Gulf War: University Students in the United States. - ERIC
The importance of human needs during the retrospective peacetime in 1990 and the Persian Gulf War in 1991 was examined among 564 college students in the United States. Results of factor analyses showed that during peacetime, two factors (higher-order and lower-order needs) were identified. During the war, all needs were rated as more important and only one factor was identified. During peacetime, the safety of one's own life was significantly more important than the safety of the country, which ...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Attitude Change; College Students; Higher Education; Individual Needs; Life Events; Motivation; Need Gratification; Peace; Psychological Needs; Stress Variables; Student Attitudes; Well Being
Downloads: 3
[texts]ERIC ED387754: Life Quality Changes after HIV/AIDS Diagnosis: Positive Directions. - ERIC
Diagnosis of HIV/AIDS promotes a fear of the unknown, of death, or annihilation of self, of being, and of identity. Individuals face this threat in unique and holistic ways. This experience of crisis reflects stages of shock, disorganization, reorganization and resolution. Crisis can become a turning point and result in a passage toward successful adjustment, however. This study of 14 persons diagnosed with HIV/AIDS 5 to 7 months previously, examines the emotional, physical and spiritual changes...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome; Counseling; Counseling Effectiveness; Counseling Objectives; Counseling Techniques; Life Satisfaction; Need Gratification; Psychotherapy; Quality of Life; Self Actualization; Stress Variables; Well Being
Downloads: 3
[texts]ERIC ED326124: An Examination of Disciplinary Differences in Factors Related to Job Satisfaction among Liberal Arts College Faculty Members. ASHE Annual Meeting Paper. - ERIC
The study attempted to determine liberal arts college faculty perceptions of their careers and professional needs and specific strategies for enhancing faculty job satisfaction in their roles as teachers, scholars, and members of different disciplinary groups. A total of 9,204 full time faculty at 142 participating colleges, all of them undergraduate institutions with enrollments under 3,000, were surveyed, and 4,271 responded for a response rate of 46%...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; College Faculty; Comparative Analysis; Higher Education; Intellectual Disciplines; Job Satisfaction; Liberal Arts; Need Gratification; Quality of Working Life; Self Actualization; Work Environment
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED304349: Multidimensional Delay of Gratification and Academic Achievement. - ERIC
Delay of gratification, or the ability to endure self-imposed barriers to achieve particular goals, was tested through a series of surveys given to 151 white undergraduates in an introductory psychology course at a university in the southwestern United States. The study examined the multidimensionality of delay of gratification and was concerned with the sociopolitical dimension and the relationship of academic oriented delay to academic achievement...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Attitude Measures; Behavioral Science Research; Delay of Gratification; Higher Education; Politics; Psychological Evaluation; Psychological Testing; Student Interests; Undergraduate Students; White Students
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED299409: Senior Executive Service. Executives' Perspectives on Their Federal Service. Fact Sheet for the Honorable Vic Fazio, House of Representatives. - ERIC
The General Accounting Office (GAO) surveyed current Senior Executive Service (SES) (highly placed government civil service) employees to obtain their views regarding their federal employment, including career plans, characteristics, and opinions. The results of the survey were obtained from 348 usable responses from a sample of 430 SES members selected randomly from 6,180 total career SES members...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Administrators; Adults; Career Change; Employee Attitudes; Federal Government; Government Employees; Job Satisfaction; Labor Turnover; Need Gratification; Organizational Climate; Quality of Working Life; Retirement; Work Environment
[texts]ERIC ED287004: Predictors of Ohio Cooperative Extension Service County Agents' Intentions To Leave the Job. Summary of Research 47. - ERIC
A study sought to determine what factors influenced Ohio Cooperative Extension Service county agents to leave their jobs (particularly the factor of job performance level) as measured by supervisory rating and self-rating techniques. Additionally, the study sought to determine relationships between variables and to determine the levels of those variables as they existed in the population being studied...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Career Change; Employer Employee Relationship; Employment Experience; Employment Practices; Extension Agents; Job Performance; Job Satisfaction; Need Gratification; Work Environment
[movies]Narcissist: I want it ALL and NOW! (Delayed Gratification and Entitlement) - Sam Vaknin
Everything You Need to Know about Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Abuse - click on this link: http://www.narcissistic-abuse.com/faq1.html Narcissists cannot delay gratification. They are creatures of the here and now, because they feel boundlessly entitled. When forced to specialise or persist, they feel stagnation and "death". It is not a matter of choice but a structural constraint. This is the way a narcissist is built, this is his modus operandi, and his vacillating style of life and dizzying ...
Keywords: narcissist; narcissism; personality disorder; entitlement; temper tantrum; instability; delayed gratification; immediacy; childishness; relationships; unpredictability; uncertainty; self-esteem; love; ego; self-esteem; self-confidence; spoiled brat
Downloads: 25
[movies]Narcissist's Certain Losses - Sam Vaknin
The narcissist professes to being shocked by the untoward behaviour of a hitherto faithful spouse, loyal friend, or patient neighbor. "Whatever happened to them?" - he wonders - "What brought this on?" Why did his wife cheat on him? Why did his colleagues demand his resignation? Why did his neighbor turn violent all of a sudden? The narcissist is genuinely puzzled, very much as you would if your personal computer refused to obey your instructions for no good reason...
Keywords: narcissist; personality disorders; losses; life crises; roller-coaster; narcissistic supply; devalue and discard; intimacy; relationship; false self; gratification; shock; surprise; social cues; defeat; failure; loser; isolation; seclusion
Downloads: 151
[audio]Concealed Carry vs Pick-Out Knock-Out
The latest formula for fun of Madison's criminal thug community is known as Pick-out-Knock-out. It works like this: The perp walks up to the victim, along with a few companions. Strike up a conversation about the weather or gas prices, and WHAM. Victim goes to the hospital. Will Wisconsin's Concealed Carry legislation, which takes effect in November, help put an end to it?
Keywords: sly in the morning; 1670; wtdy; concealed; carry; wisconsin; criminals; madison; wi; pointless; crime; self; gratification; victims; self; defense; pink; mist; keltec; glock; 9mm; pistol; holster; guns; madison; scared
Downloads: 116
[movies]Learning Work Ethic From Family Role Models - Bijoy Goswami
In Chapter 3 of 19 in his 2013 Capture Your Flag interview, leadership philosopher Bijoy Goswami answers "Where Did You Learn Your Work Ethic?" Goswami shares how he learned his work ethic from his family. His recalls learning from his grandfather and how he took such great care in his work and possessions. His parents teach Goswami the importance of persevering through times where delaying gratification is the right thing to do...
Keywords: teach work ethic; family role models; lead by example; parenting; grandfather; stanford marshmallow experiment; delayed gratification; bijoy goswami; erik michielsen; capture your flag; values; mindfulness; family foundations; parental influence; diligence; perseverance
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED356300: Clans of the Street: Tribalism and Urban Street Gangs. - ERIC
The clan principle, the informal determination of human groups by totem characteristics, commonly accepted standards for self-definition, valued knowledge, and regulation of behavior, is a reality for American Indian and Native Alaskan cultures and for the mainstream urban, suburban, and industrial society as well. The tendency to group individuals by consensus on their mode of social operation and choice of presentation is a fact of contemporary social organization...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adolescents; Disadvantaged Youth; Educational Change; Etiology; Group Membership; Juvenile Gangs; Need Gratification; School Restructuring; Self Concept; Social Support Groups; Social Values; Tribes; Urban Culture; Urban Problems; Urban Youth; Youth Problems
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED356291: Meeting Youth Needs with Community Programs. ERIC Digest, Number 86. - ERIC
Rather than viewing youth as an isolated and alienated subculture, it is more useful to view the needs of youth as largely determined by where and how they live, and to recognize that they differ from one another just as adults do. Professionals and volunteers in community youth programs need to understand how the youth they work with experience the contextual differences of their environments, and how the services they provide can be facilitated or confounded by community differences...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adolescents; Community Programs; Context Effect; Cultural Awareness; Disadvantaged Youth; Economically Disadvantaged; Individual Differences; Need Gratification; Needs Assessment; Program Development; Program Effectiveness; Social Support Groups; Urban Problems; Urban Youth; Youth Opportunities; Youth Programs
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED362943: Transforming Teacher Staff Development. - ERIC
Research suggests that successful staff development must attend to teachers' affective and humanistic needs. This paper presents strategies for staff development that are based in an affective and humanistic context. The following principles of adult learning are particularly relevant to teacher-staff development: Adults perceive themselves as individuals and as self-reliant; they are more pragmatic than theoretic; they engage in learning to pursue personal goals and objectives; and they are bet...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adult Learning; Affective Behavior; Collegiality; Elementary School Teachers; Elementary Secondary Education; Faculty Development; Individual Needs; Need Gratification; Professional Development; Psychological Needs; Secondary School Teachers; Staff Development; Status Need; Teacher Improvement; Teacher Motivation
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED341772: The Mattering Scales for Adult Students in Postsecondary Education. - ERIC
The mattering scales are designed to assess the perceptions of adult learners about their educational environment. They answer these questions: Do I feel I matter to the institution? and Do I feel noticed, appreciated, welcomed? To determine the extent to which adult learners feel they matter, five scales are designed to assess their perceptions in these dimensions of postsecondary education: administration, advising, interaction with peers, multiple roles, and interaction with faculty...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adult Counseling; Adult Students; Counselors; Educational Administration; Educational Environment; Higher Education; Individual Needs; Institutional Evaluation; Need Gratification; Peer Relationship; Program Effectiveness; Program Evaluation; Rating Scales; Role Theory; Satisfaction; Student Attitudes; Student College Relationship; Teacher Student Relationship
Downloads: 6
[texts]ERIC ED290175: U.S. Media and Thai Society. - ERIC
A study investigated the effects of U.S. mass media on three dimensions of Thai society: lifestyles, social problems, and value conflict. A total of 100 two-part questionnaires were distributed to Thai students at southwestern public universities in the United States. Forty males and 28 females, whose lengths of stay in the United States varied from 2 months to 15 years, returned usable questionnaires...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Advertising; College Students; Cultural Influences; Foreign Countries; Higher Education; Life Style; Mass Media Effects; Media Research; Need Gratification; Popular Culture; Public Opinion; Radio; Social Values; Sociocultural Patterns; Television
[texts]ERIC ED281105: The Evaluation of the National Long Term Care Demonstration: Final Report. Executive Summary. - ERIC
This report describes the evaluation of the National Long-Term Care (Channeling) Demonstration, a rigorous test of comprehensive case management of community care as a way of containing long-term care costs for the impaired elderly while providing adequate care to those in need. The evaluation process is presented as an experimental design with random assignment to treatment or control group status used to test two models of channeling: Basic Case Management (five sites) and Financial Control (f...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Community Services; Cost Effectiveness; Daily Living Skills; Deinstitutionalization (of Disabled); Delivery Systems; Family Problems; Home Programs; Life Satisfaction; Need Gratification; Older Adults; Program Evaluation; Social Support Groups; Well Being
[texts]ERIC ED352171: Heart Start: The Emotional Foundations of School Readiness. - ERIC
This publication is part of a package of three booklets that synthesize current knowledge about the preconditions for learning in children and discuss ways of fostering these conditions. (The other two booklets are an executive summary of this report and a collection of five vignettes on services for infants, toddlers, and families). This report is based on the premise that children's expectations and attitudes are formed in the first months and years of their lives...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Child Caregivers; Child Development; Child Rearing; Childhood Needs; Cognitive Development; Day Care; Emotional Adjustment; Emotional Development; Environmental Influences; Health Promotion; Learning Readiness; Need Gratification; Preschool Education; School Readiness; Security (Psychology); Self Concept; Young Children
Downloads: 4
[movies]Once and Future Monogamy - Sam Vaknin
The entire text is available here: http://www.narcissistic-abuse.com/marriage.html The ancient institution of monogamous marriage is ill-suited to the exigencies of modern Western civilization. People of both genders live and work longer (which renders monogamy impracticable); travel far and away frequently; and are exposed to tempting romantic alternatives via social networking and in various workplace and social settings...
Keywords: marriage; family; monogamy; adultery; infidelity; sex; children; divorce; affairs; romantic; romance; dating; relationships; narcissism; individualism; self-gratification; history; companionship; companion; friendship; friends; boyfriends; girlfriends; spouse; mate; polyamory; swinging; wife; husband; romantic jealousy; polygamy; polygyny; polyandry
Downloads: 346
[movies]People-pleasers and Pathological Charmers - Sam Vaknin
Everything You Need to Know about Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Abuse - click on this link: http://www.narcissistic-abuse.com/faq1.html People-pleasers dread conflicts and wish to avoid them (they are conflict-averse) - hence their need to believe that they are universally liked. Always pleasant, well-mannered, and civil, the conflict-averse people-pleaser is also evasive and vague, hard to pin down, sometimes obsequious and, generally, a spineless ânon-entityâ...
Keywords: narcissist; people-pleaser; codependent; narcissism; codependency; charm; charmer; abandonment; anxiety; habituation; generosity; giving; gifts; altruism; altruist; misanthrope; addiction; conflict-aversion; self-sacrifice; self-defeat; gratification; omnipotence; grandiosity; control; pity; dishonesty; lies; manipulation; dependence; infantilization; childlike; childish; self-punishment; happiness; happy
Downloads: 219
[texts]ERIC ED315153: The Relation of Parental Depression and Self Esteem to Behavior Problems in Three-Year-Old Sons of Alcoholics. - ERIC
Preliminary results from a longitudinal study designed to systematically examine the family life of children reared in a home with an alcoholic father are reported. Analysis is restricted to 15 families from a larger study in which the target child was a 3-year-old male. Parents completed the Beck Depression Inventory, the Progress Evaluation Scales on self-esteem, and the Achenbach Child Behavior Checklist...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Alcohol Abuse; Antisocial Behavior; At Risk Persons; Behavior Problems; Delay of Gratification; Depression (Psychology); Family Characteristics; Fathers; Longitudinal Studies; Males; Models; Mothers; Parent Influence; Preschool Children; Self Esteem
Downloads: 2
[movies]Intimacy and Abuse - Sam Vaknin
Many abusers believe that their abusive conduct fosters, enhances, and cements their intimate relationships. To them, pathological jealousy is proof of love, possessiveness replaces mature bonding, and battering is a form of paying attention to the partner and communicating with her. Such habitual offenders do not know any better. They were often raised in families, societies, and cultures where abuse is condoned outright â or, at least, not frowned upon...
Keywords: abuse; antisocial; battering; divorce; domestic violence; dsm-iv; ego; harassment; narcissism; narcissistic; narcissistic personality disorder; npd; object relations; personality; personality disorders; psychodynamics; psychopaths; psychotherapy; relationships; self; spousal abuse; stalking; psychopathology; therapy; intimacy; abuse; narcissist; psychopath; culture; battering; molesting; beating; stalker; offender; paranoid; possessiveness; romantic jealousy; verbal; psychological; emotional; physical; sexual; commitment; bonding; attachment; maturity; emotions; objectification; gratification; narcissistic personality disorder
Downloads: 385 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]Satanism as Weltanschauung - Rev. Slaughter, Kevin I.
Keywords: Religion; Weltanschauung; Anton Szandor LaVey; Human Principles; Natural Laws; Supernatural; Ideology; Church of Satan; Cult Philosophy; Satan; Religious Faiths; Atheism; Agnosticism; Priesthood; Bauhaus; Dada; Richard Wagner; Infrasound; Lycanthropy Ritual; Human Beast; Animal Man; 9 Satanic Statements; Vice; Culture Fringes; Pragmatism; Egoism; Rebel; The Accuser; Occult Knowledge; Common Men; Discrimination; Worship; Pride; God; Self; Greater Deities; Lesser Deities; Sacrifice; Urban Legends; World-View; Satanists; Peter H. Gilmore; Satanic Community; Personal Goals; Underground; Metaphorical Language; Credulity; Criticism; Objective Knowledge; True Believers; Herd Like; Jesus Christ; The Satanic Bible; Spiritual Pipedreams; Self Deceit; Vengeance; Sins; Emotial Gratification; Physical Gratification; The Magic Circle; Might Is Right; Ragnar Redbeard; Fraud; Moral Dogma; Lies; Falsehood; Delusions; Blasphemy; Axiomatic Truth; Dualism; The Satanic Scriptures; Intellectual Path; Indifference; Merit; Symbols; Carnallity; Pluralism; Epiphany; Égalité; Hierarchy; Survival of the Fittest
Downloads: 226
[texts]gorakh kimyagar
gorakh kimyagargoraksha kimayagar pravah navnath machindranath gorakh lilamrut kimyagar maku kavi mantra gorakhshanath religious hindu vedic revannath gahininath dattatray sangrah Machindranath or MatsyendranathGorakshanath or GorakhnathJalandharnath or Jalandernath also known as Jan PeerKanifnath or KanhobaGahininath also known as Gaibi PeerBhartrinath or Bhartarinath or Raja BhartariRevananathCharpatinathNaganath or NageshnathMatchindra-Nath (9th Century), "who was said to be, initated by one ...
Keywords: gorakh kimyagar goraksha kimayagar pravah navnath machindranath gorakh lilamrut kimyagar maku kavi mantra gorakhshanath religious hindu vedic revannath gahininath dattatray sangrah Machindranath or Matsyendranath Gorakshanath or Gorakhnath Jalandharnath or Jalandernath also known as Jan Peer Kanifnath or Kanhoba Gahininath also known as Gaibi Peer Bhartrinath or Bhartarinath or Raja Bhartari Revananath Charpatinath Naganath or Nageshnath Matchindra-Nath (9th Century); who was said to be; initated by one of the three primary Hindu gods (Vishnu; Shiva; Brahma); namely by Shiva; in the science and teaching of Yoga.[3] Gorakha-Natha Jalandar-Nath Kanifanath Chapati-Nath Naganath Barbari-Nath Revan-Nath Gaininath [edit] Navnath pothi The Navnath pothi narrates the Navnaths' births; their lives and deeds. As the Navnath are strongly worshiped in Maharashtra; the book is written in Marathi. It is believed that reading it in a specific manner is beneficial to human mind; soul and body. The Navnath sampradaya spreads the message of Krishna that God exists everywhere and not just in a particular form or lack thereof. The Avatar of Dattatreya (Unified form of the trinity) came on the mission on earth to dispel confusion of earthlings who thought the three are different.[citation needed] The teachings of the Nath Sampradaya have; over the centuries; become labyrinthine in complexity and have assumed different forms in different parts of India. Its teaching emphasises that the Supreme Reality can be realised only within the heart.In the day-to-day instructions to their devotees the Nath Gurus seldom refer to the metaphysics discovered by the scholars in their teachings. Chanting of sacred hymns and devotional songs as well as the worship of the idols is a traditional feature of the sect.[citation ne Mahabharata The coming of the Navnath - or nine prophets - is mentioned in the Mahabharata. Krishna called a meeting of all demi-gods; angels and saints to give his message of how he would continue his message of spreading good after his mission is over on earth. Krishna said he would send his own light in the form of nine saints or prophets; who will go to different parts of earth and throughout the universe where life exists. Lord Krishna also mentions that these prophets or saints will spread the message of Love; overcoming obstacles in order to unite with Mahavishnu or Shiva or Shakti. Krishna said that they would help only those who have good souls and true believers. NAVNATH Nathyogis worship nine Nathas and eighty-four Siddhas. Nathas are religious leaders; or gurus; or guides; who derive their names from Adinatha; or Siva. Siva himself is called a Natha. While the word natha is a synonym for Hindu Yogi; ' and while it is a sect name of the Kanphatas still; in this connection it refers to the nine great or deified and immortal teachers of the sect; of whom Gorakhnath is sometimes called the chief. They now live far back in the holy Himalayas Their names vary from people to people. Gorakhnatha (the chief natha); matsyendranatha; Carpatnatha; Mangalnatha; Ghugo­natha; Gopinatha; Prannatha; Suratnatha and Cambanatha. They are not related to the divisions of the orders. In another list nine Nathas are named; each of whom is identified with a Hindu god. These are:1. Aumgkar Adinatha (Lord of Lords); Siva; 2. Shelnatha (Lord of the Arrow Shaft); Krisna or Rama Chandra; 3. Santoknatha (Lord of Gratification) 4. Acalacambhunatha (Lord of Wondrous Immortality); Hanuman or Laksman; 5. Gajbali Gajkanthnatha (Lord of the Elephant's Strength and Neck)) Ganesa Gajikarna (Elephant-Eared); 6. Prajnatha; or Udainatha (Lord of the People); Parvati; 7. Mayarupi Macchendranatha (The Won­drous Form); Guru of Gorakhnatha; S. Gathepinde Ricaya­kari; or Naranthar; Sambhujaiti Guru Gorakhnatha; 9. Gyansarupe; or Purakh Siddh Cauranjwenatha; or Puran Bhagat. Still another list is: Orhkarinath; Visnu; Samtokanath; Visnu; Gajboli; Gajana; H
Downloads: 1,075
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